The Drilling Industry's Leader in Silica Dust Containment.

Frac Dust Control is a frac sand and silica dust containment company that captures 99.8% of all airborne silica dust particles that are present at oil and natural gas well fracking sites in order to lower silica dust exposure, provide healthier air quality, and meet EPA and OSHA regulations for silica dust exposure.

Our company uses specialized equipment to control the loss of frac sand into the atmosphere while trapping carcinogenic (cancer causing) silica particulates as small as 0.5 Microns. These silica particles are a direct link to cancer and other respiratory problems such as silicosis of the lungs. When this sand blows towards surrounding landowners and the general population it causes huge PR problems for the local Gas Producing Companies.

An added benefit that our state of the art equipment provides is an increase in positive flow so that pneumatic frac sand trucks can increase their tank pressure in order to decrease their unload time and in doing so our equipment will recapture the sand that is normally lost into the atmosphere saving gas producers time and money.

Frac Dust Control Provides:

  • Decreased loading and unloading times
  • Healthier air quality at the Frac Site
  • The answer to major public relations problems
  • The technology needed to comply with OSHA and EPA regulations
  • Increased life to on-site machinery by removing airborne abrasives

When you need a reliable company to solve silica dust problems on your site, call

Frac Dust Control